Christine Wolheim
San Francisco Food and Prop Stylist
instagram: wolheimstyle



When Christine Wolheim was 5 years old, she wanted a pair of fuzzy blue slippers for Christmas.
Easy enough, thought her parents. 10 stores and 6 hours later, they could not believe how specific this child was.

“Not Fuzzy enough”
“Not the right Blue”
“The Fuzz is too long”
“Those are loafers”

At age 14, Christine convinced the local French Chef to let her work with him in his very classical kitchen. This led to 20+ years as a Professional Chef, and Culinary Professor both in the US and Internationally. Pursuing a lifelong desire, Christine returned to her native California to earn a degree in Painting from one of America’s most prestigious Art Schools, the San Francisco Art Institute. Drawing on both of these pursuits and a love of objects, collecting and making beautiful things, Christine has found the perfect way to use that old exacting discernment in an exciting career as a Food and Prop Stylist. Christine turns creative concepts into physical reality using many different materials for Lifestyle, Editorial, Make-up, Cookbooks, Packaging and Advertising Photo Shoots. She lives in San Francisco and works wherever assignments call.

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